Blowing bubbles is something that just doesn’t get old with Arddun. Except lately, she’s coordinated and big enough to blow her own bubbles without getting too puffed.

Trouble is, she’s gotten into the new habit of talking herself through the steps. Which has the unfortunate side effect of using up precious bubble-blowing air.

What she’s saying:

“First, put your stick in the mixture… shake it around… take a deep breath [DEEP BREATH]… and blow!”

The other thing I love about having our own yard (a sheer luxury in Singapore that is practically a given here) is keeping cool on very hot summer days.

Arddun in her wading pool
Taking a big bow, after a mighty splash around her wading pool. Also very thankful for neighbours who planted a tiny tree in their yard which has now grown enough to give us marvelous shade in summer afternoons.