Every year, our mother’s group makes a point to celebrate all of our firstborn’s birthdays in one biggish bash. This year’s was a little later than usual, but no less fun. Just two hours of 3yo heaven – flavoured milkshakes, party games, face-painting, rainbow birthday cake, presents… and of course, ice cream on a winter’s day.

Here’s some Arddun-centric highlights.

Smartie cake with birthday candle 3
Guess who are turning three…
Arddun getting face painted
No sudden moves…
Arddun with face painted with flower on cheek
Finished product: a simple purple flower.
Solving puzzles with Ivy
Puzzling it out with friend Ivy
Arddun eating a biscuit at the table
Plenty of food to go ’round
Blowing out the candle
Birthday song and blowing out the lone candle among 10 kiddies
Arddun contemplating the cake
Eyeing the smarties
Cross section of rainbow cake
That is one impressive rainbow cake. Truly blessed by multi-talented mommies who labour with love.
Tony scrubbing Arddun's face
Removing evidence of cake inhalation…
Arddun opening her present
A birthday’s not a birthday without presents
Family portrait
One of many attempts at a family portrait.
Arddun giggling while lying on the floor
Goodness! That was a lot of fun!