After a pretty horrendous a day of blizzard-grade winds that finally culminated in mid-afternoon snow (!), we stepped out of our house on Saturday afternoon to soak up as much of the winter sunshine as possible.

We love living within walking distance of Yerrabi Pond, which is turning out to be one of the nicest family-friendly suburban parks in Canberra. Got organised this time and had cut up our old bread into fling-size pieces for the ducks and swans. THIS time, I checked the weather beforehand — a lesson learnt from Thursday, when Jaclyn and I brought our children to the park during near gale-force winds and I watched as Arddun tried vainly to feed the ducks, only to find her bread slices snatched up by the vicious winds and consequently snagged by opportunistic magpies. A bit of a parenting facepalm moment.

Some happy snaps:

Arddun and Tony heading out to the pier
Walking to the pier to feed the ducks
Arddun back view looking at ducks
Waiting for the ducks to gather
Arddun flings bread to the ducks
Flinging bread pieces as far and wide as little arms can manage
Arddun, Tony and ducks on pier
Pseudo-artistic shot
Close up of Arddun flinging bread to the ducks
Action shot
Arddun feeding ducks on other side of pier
Not to neglect the ducks on the other side…
Arddun, duck and Tony on pier
Arddun, duck and Tony on pier, each doing their own thang.

Arddun gazing thoughtfully at ducks

Close up of Arddun gazing thoughtfully at ducks

Arddun waiting for her turn on the Flying Fox
From ducks to foxes… Arddun waiting her turn on the Flying Fox.
Tony helps Arddun on the Flying Fox
Getting on the harness with a little help from Daddy
Tony giving Arddun a starting push on the Flying Fox
And a one…
Tony giving Arddun a  push on the Flying Fox
And a two…
Tony letting go as Arddun takes off on Flying Fox
And away we go!
Tony pretends to catch Arddun while she's on the Flying Fox
I’m gonna get you!
Tony wheels Arddun back to base on the Flying Fox
Not enough momentum to get back to base. Need some help from Daddy
Close up of Arddun waiting for the Flying Fox
My girl
Tony looking into the distance
My man