The last time I attempted microblogging A Photo an Hour was almost 2 years ago. Arddun was so tiny then, but she hasn’t changed all that much in terms of what makes her happy (water, bubbles) and what doesn’t (not carrying out her idea of a good time RIGHT THIS SECOND).

Today is the first day in a while that I get a day to myself. Arddun is in school, Tony is at work, and I’m sitting on the couch contemplating my options before I meet my Mother’s Group at Stripey Sundae:

  • a quick nanna nap,
  • housework, or
  • vehicle logging for tax purposes.
  • And I’m also thinking to myself, this is a bit of a milestone, my first rec day until I start the next chapter as Mother of Two. Let’s see how my day turns out.

    So I’ve just packed the husband and child off to work and school, and settled down to gather my gratitudes for yesterday. Yes, I’ve been catalogueing things that make my heart smile for a little over a month now. But these ones are more private and not always blogged about.

    Here’s a rare peek: