It’s almost automatic that we document the big occasions – weddings, funerals, birthdays, Christmases… But part of the reason I started this blog was to chronicle the Everyday. The little things we can often take for granted because they’re mundane and aren’t even newsworthy enough for a Facebook post. The little things that add up, because they’re too easy to forget.

Like doing the laundry. Like how Tony does all of our laundry, always. He has, since the very beginning of our marriage and it’s only ramped up more now that we have Arddun’s laundry in the mix.

And like how Arddun loves to help. She chooses peg colours and tries to match them with the clothes that get hung. And in this instance, it’s time to take the washing in and do some sorting and folding.

Arddun takes down washing with Tony
Daddy’s home! Time to take down the washing before the sun sets


Tony pulls washing line down for Arddun to reach
Pulling the washing line down for Arddun to reach
Arddun places pegs in basket
The pegs go in here…
Arddun takes down a peg
Taking down another peg
Arddun close up near washing line
A self-satisfied smile
Arddun consulting Tony about clothes
“Where does this go, Daddy?”
Arddun folding dress
First we fold…
Arddun placing dress in her pile of clothes
… then we stack in the right clothes pile.
Arddun contemplating washing from basket
Think this is one of mine…
Arddun daydreaming beside washing basket
What’s next…?
Arddun sorting through my camisole
Think this one is too small for Mummy…
Arddun holding clothes and saying cheese
I’m getting good at this!