Thankful for
My daughter’s hair
So long, oft knotted
Neither here nor there
Thankful that she calls
A simple plait her “Elsa hair”
She twirls and swirls
And casts her spells
Imagining bad juju she dispels

That she sings
Both Christian songs
And nursery rhymes and things
She learns along the way
Her little voice just brightens up my day
That she kisses
Baby Brother through my belly big
Even though she doesn’t twig
To what it will all mean
Major change yet to be seen

That I have the time
To sit and write, and even try to rhyme
To spend these days at home
To hold my daughter and not feel alone
Thankful that I have
A husband who loves all of us deep down
And wide, and high, and long
Thankful that I didn’t get him wrong

For his job
Though often tough, and tense, at times
A schlog
He has one at all
As Canberra’s growth slows to a sluggish crawl

He continues to provide
That we complement
That our ambitions don’t collide
That he is not a selfish man
That he supports in every way he can

For the Boy
Whose kicks and turns might threaten to annoy
And yet I can’t complain
I’m thankful that he gets to wear our name

Thankful that he grows
And scars my body with his sharp elbows
Yet I will ne’er erase
This march of time
This proof of God’s embrace
The miracle of child
(The concept by itself is kinda wild)
And I anticipate
His Hello World
(The day my daughter meets her new playmate)
With huge emotions and a twitchy nerve
But most of all, a mother’s love

Thank you for my life
As mother, Christian, woman, girl, and wife.