Today, a total stranger manning a small cafe in Forde commented that I obviously don’t have long till I drop my bundle. I’m not familiar with that euphemism, but apparently that’s very Australian for “you’re lookin’ like you’re about to have your baby any second now, luvvie.”

And indeed, gravity seems to be working on Boy Blob. Tony and I went to the obstetrician on Monday and true enough, the Boy has started his descent. On Tuesday during a dinner with church family, I was asked if I was able to place my hand between my bosom and my tummy – apparently another test of The Drop. (I managed four fingers.)

This means that I am running out of time to pack.

I’ve been slowly adding to my hospital bag for close to a month now, and I don’t have very much more to pack. Perhaps I’ll get a new pyjama set, perhaps a nice robe. Perhaps a night light, the kind you bop on top for some local illumination that won’t drench the room in blinding white. I had written some notes to myself about what to do for next time, and that list of things to bring (and leave at home) came in handy.

Ear plugs. Definitely a must-bring. Especially if you share a wall with a tribe.

Food, because hospitals here ain’t anything like the hospitals in Singapore. One miserable sandwich kiosk and a cafeteria? The latter closing at 8pm? COME ON!

Ran out today and bought a second-hand baby bathtub (the one with the molded seat for toddlers and a hammock for newborns) for $10. Might be on the hunt for a second-hand electric bottle steriliser, as ours is starting to get dodgy. Baby & Kids market on this Saturday, maybe I’ll find other things there, including a near-new breastfeeding pillow. Haven’t really cleaned the pram yet. It’s been a while.

There’s all this minutiae and I feel this time around that I’ve not got a handle on it like I did the first time. Mostly because I really don’t want to run out and spend a bomb on Second (and Final) Child. Is that bad? Or just prudence?

I’ve been asked a lot if I’m ready for Boy Blob. And I’ve always answered honestly – that I don’t know that I can ever be truly ready. How can it be that I felt surer about Arddun’s arrival than Number Two’s? Or perhaps experience has taught me better about babies and the absolute tumult they bring to our lives. I feel relaxed, but I also feel excitement and apprehension. And I’m convinced Arddun is sensing that Big Change is afoot, because she’s teary and moody one moment, cheerful and affectionate the next.

I am calm and all over the place. It’s week 38. Anytime now.