Slipped on a patch of something at the food court in Canberra Centre this evening, felt myself falling backwards, overcompensated and fell forwards instead, braced myself with right wrist, landed heavily on my knees.

Entire food court (comprising, perhaps, of 5 people by that late hour), went completely silent in horror, before breaking into a chorus of “OMIGOODNESS ARE YOU ALRIGHT???!!! ARE YOU HURT??!!!”

To which my honest answer was, “Only my knees… and my pride.” Cue sheepish grin.

I think everyone was slightly more traumatised than I was. It must have been like watching an Oliphaunt keel over in slow motion.

I love that my friend had a death grip on my left arm, that I was offered a drink of water, that a seat was brought to me, that a woman was quick to tell me how, when she was pregnant, she had run into a glass door.

Nothing like solidarity to cheer the spirit and soothe bruised knees and ego.