Tony and I are fairly isolated from our families, seeing how his are up north in Brisbane, and mine are mostly in Singapore. So it’s been just wonderful having our peeps make the long trip to welcome Atticus to the fold.

Arddun holding Atticus for the first time
Big Sister had the first cuddle

Jo-anne and Ah-yee comforting Atticus

Jo-Anne and Ah-yee with Atticus
Proud Nanna and Grant-aunt
Jo-anne, Shawn, Charmaine and Ah-yee
Nanna, second cousin “Uncle” Shawn, “Aunty” Charmaine, and Pee-Poh

Shawn, Charmaine and Ah-Yee with Atticus




Proud Nanna, Happy Nanna
Proud Nanna, Happy Nanna
Andrea with Atticus in bedroom light
Can’t stop grinning!
Andy with Atticus
Cuddles with Aunty Andy