I’m finding it more challenging to photograph our family’s shenanigans lately. Still to master the art of farfing DSLR camera settings with one free hand only. Yes, Atticus’s feeds are inversely proportionate to my success rate for capturing the moment.

Nevertheless, I tried. With any and every camera within grabbing/lurching distance.

Christmas lights montage 2014
Cruised around the neighbourhood on Christmas Eve to marvel over some serious Christmas lights displays
Christmas window montage
One home converted their living room into a miniature Christmas display village. Awesome effort. Even had an electric train.
Opening presents on Christmas day
The only (lousy) shot I managed to take of Arddun opening her presents on Christmas day
Getting ready for Christmas lunch
Raymond BBQing in the background while we get ready to tuck in
Christmas lunch at the Kirkies
Enjoying our non-Christmas-on-Christmas-Day lunch at the Kirkies
Tony posing with Pavlova
Tony makes beautiful Pavlovas. This one disappeared very soon after this pic was taken
Atticus crying while wearing Christmas onesie 2014
Atticus’s First Christmas. Spent mostly sleeping and occasionally yelling his precious head off
Arddun having a laugh with daddy Christmas 2014
Sharing a private joke with her daddy
Arddun close up Christmas day 2014
Merry Christmas, baby girl