Okay, so it’s February and I’d stopped blogging for four whole months.

In my blogging absense,

  • we packed and packed and packed and packed and…
  • we moved house
  • we unpacked and unpacked and unpacked
  • Atticus still wasn’t sleeping much through the night
  • Nanna and Poppy (my in-laws) came over to help during the move
  • Atticus turned one, but I forgot to take photos
  • we had our first Christmas in our new home, and I did my first Christmas ham and it didn’t suck. In fact, it turned out to be devourable. Still won’t do turkey, though. I am not a fan of turkey. Dry, stupid-looking animal.
  • Geoff, Ally and Evie (Tony’s younger sister’s family) came over to stay in the New Year.
  • Joel stayed with us for a few days before moving on to Thailand to be with his wife.
  • Atticus still wasn’t sleeping much through the night.
  • We got admitted to QE2 (a sleep-training clinic for infants and young children, and their sleep addled parents), where Atticus lulled everyone into a false sense of security before YELLING HIS PRETTY HEAD OFF on the last night FOR HOURS and thus finally vindicating all our previous protestations of “He’s sleep-training Teflon. Nothing sticks.” It’s hard to look mildly smug when you’re sleep deprived and want to cry, but I managed it.
  • Atticus came home and eventually managed to sleep like one of ’em proverbial sleeping babies on day 2. So we celebrated by…
  • Me traipsing solo to Singapore with both kids, thus destroying any smidgen of good sleeping habits cultivated in the previous 36 hours.

There will be photos. There will be elaboration on some of the above points. It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve, and my young blended family rang in the new year this evening with takeaway food from Flavours of India. Our children, as it turns out, really, really, really like Indian food. It was a case of “have a pleasant family meal” vs “heritage with tears and suffering”. We chose the former and had no leftovers. I know it’s a little sacrilegious, but we’ll make up the Chinese bits another day soon.

新年快乐, dear readers. May this lunar new year give you another fresh start if you’ve already stuffed up January. xx