Tony and Velle live in Canberra, Australia. They’ve been smitten with each other since mid 2003, married since late 2004, and maybe sorta kinda trying for a child since circa 2007.

For ages, they did very normal Dual Income No Kids-type things. They very occasionally babysat other children. They kept a Siamese fighting fish named Merv (now deceased), and once toyed with the idea of keeping a cat named Muesli, except they had no idea where to put the kitty litter and thus gave up. They went for holidays. Hosted big Chinese New Year parties. Watched a lot of West Wing during TV dinners together. Worked a great deal. A very great deal.

But then one fine day, at sixteen minutes past two on Saturday 18 June 2011, a little girl entered their world with ten little fingers and ten little toes. And everything got even better.

Tony and Velle believe in and worship the one and only God, The Big Daddy, who has such complete faith in humanity and such a wonderful sense of humour, that He made them parents so that He could teach them what true fear, joy and wonder is all about.