Arddun hasn’t been showing a huge interest in walking. She’s been crawling and standing around for four months, but we’ve never put her in a walker and she has never pushed around her little wooden wagon or her Mega Bloks cart. Every now and then, I’d hold her hand to check if she literally needs a helping hand to go places, but nada. She’d take a couple of steps and then her knees would go soft so she could sink to the ground and crawl at breakneck speed to whatever she reckoned was fascinating. Paper, usually.

“She’s just not interested in walking,” I had explained to Lisa and baby Charlotte this afternoon over coffee. “No interest whatsoever. Want her wagon?”

And then we went home and watched a bit of Grey’s Anatomy because I’m hooked and I’m now a housewife. And then much later in the afternoon, it dawned on me that I’ve never actually asked my daughter if she would like to walk.

So this evening, while she was just standing around under the dining room table as per normal,

Starting position
Arddun, standing around under the dining table as per normal

I sat two feet away, looked levelly at her, stretched out my arms, and casually asked if she’d like to walk over to me.

And so she did.


Did it another time, just to make sure it wasn’t a one-off. It took some work – she still really isn’t interested in walking – but we finally got there once we both realised that the NBN mail flyer makes a nice a-wooka-wooka cardboard sound when you flap it. And Arddun loooooves paper and funny sounds.

So she did her 4-5 step mambo another four times before she decided that crawling is INFINITELY better and why wasn’t Daddy home yet? Let’s sit by the door and wait for him.

And thus endeth Arddun’s maiden first steps. !!!

My little girl is walking! EEEEAAAAAHHHHH!

On a related note, I was wondering why I was feeling off-kilter this morning, until I noticed this:

Wrong shoes
Left shoe has small heel, right shoe is ballet flat. Yuh.

So let’s just confirm that Arddun doesn’t get her poise and sense of balance from her mother, okay? Okay.