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Why I’ve started a Facebook Page

I’ve been blogging semi-regularly since I came to Canberra 13 years ago. To me, it has always been about keeping in touch with family and friends in Singapore and around the globe – an extension of my Facebook profile, really. A means of chronicling our moments and milestones, of keeping a loose scrapbook of my life in general and my children’s lives in particular.

And I dare say that for the most part, my blog will continue in that vein. I think having the children has sharpened the focus of my writing, and has in turn brought me a small but loyal following of readers within my family and friends. Thank you for keeping in touch all these years and for delighting in my delights. I love writing these open letters to you.

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So yes! New blog name. New domain name. Slightly new categories (I’m still working out the long game on that one.) New website template. New blogging resolutions.

Same me. :-)

Quick hello

Just to let you know that

  • I’m still here
  • We’re down with a myriad of viral something-or-others because childcare is a cesspit of immunity-boosting germs, and toddlers who cough it in each others’ faces
  • I’ll blog as soon as I get enough energy between humouring a teething and sick 20-month-old while coughing up my own lung, and struggling through a deadline.



New address, same house

Very subtle change here, and I’m not sure you’d have even noticed – or cared – but I’ve registered a proper domain address for this blog!

Yes, you can now reach this blog through OR the old domain name Either one works fine. But after being well and truly NOT pregnant for over 18 months, I thought it was about time I got a name that suited this blog a little better.

Okay! Housekeeping over. Go forth and prepare your dinners.

Dribs and drabs

Sorry for the radio silence – it’s going to be this way for a while. At least until we come back to Canberra. We’re in Singapore at the mo, and while the island had been interwebbed loooooong before Australia even started whimpering about FTTP… we find ourselves rather disconnected at the mo.

But it’s not as if the posts have dried up. I have tens of posts milling around inside my head every day. And I miss y’all.

So, whaddaya think?

After sticking with the fresh, green look for almost 16 months, I decided to give this blog a facelift. Trying out this theme, but not too sure if it’s going to work for all of us. I dunno… I’m not quite in love with it yet.

So I’m putting it to a vote.

Please let me know which you prefer! Am keeping this poll up until the end of February.

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