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Apparently, this week has been Superheroes week. Tony, who usually does the drop offs and pick ups, didn’t get the memo so we were rather bemused when we turned up on Monday, and there were little Spidermen walking around nonchalantly, and playing with blocks. Two little girls were also dressed as ladybugs, which was cute and all, but NOT to theme.

“The boys usually get to dress up at Superheroes,” explained the room leader. “But the girls… they usually get dressed up as fairies or ladybugs because there just isn’t as much choice for them out there.”

Well. Challenge ACCEPTED.

To be fair, the room leader had a point. While I’m not averse to shopping in the Boys section for Arddun’s clothes, I’m a bit thingy about dressing Arddun up as a male superhero. Because Arddun is a girl. And she’s super. And I don’t see why super-little people costumes have to be so MAN. SpiderMAN. BatMAN. Teengage Mutant Ninja Turtles (admittedly turtles, but young MAN turtles.)

The trouble is, female superheroes have largely been drawn by men with a fixation on long legs and large, high breasts, and a penchant for drafty wardrobes. I really didn’t want to sexy up my toddler.

So I did a call for ideas on Facebook, and got the following suggestions.

  • Wonder Woman
  • Xena Warrior Princess
  • Invisible Woman
  • Drafty
  • Bat girl
  • Super girl
  • Greek Goddess superhero
  • Anxiety Girl
  • Mega Mindy
  • Any character from Heroes, because they wore everyday clothing
  • Cat toddler
  • Me. Because I’m a superhero. :)

All had great possibilities, but in the end, I remembered a onesie of Arddun’s that had a cape. After rummaging through Target, I found the tights and a matching skirt to hide the fact the onesie is at least a size too small, and voila! I present to you….

Arddun dressed as superhero
The T-shirt says it all
Arddun dressed as superhero, looking down at her shirt
“Super wha?”

And here’s the Super Girl in action.

Yes. It would appear that one of her many superhero powers includes Turning. When done repeatedly and to music, this superpower gets boosted to the more stupendous Twirling. It is one to watch, because it mostly involves getting Daddy – a usually serious and dignified man – to twirl also. Super, indeed.


If Arddun hadn’t woken up an hour earlier than usual, she wouldn’t have suddenly dozed off in the car at 11:15am instead of 1:00pm.

If she hadn’t dozed off at 11:15am, I would have gone to the Canberra Centre as planned, instead of deciding to lengthen the car ride by driving over to Fyshwick.

If I hadn’t headed over to Fyshwick, I wouldn’t have had mobile reception above ground because I would have been parking the car in the basement of the Canberra Centre.

If I hadn’t had mobile reception, I wouldn’t have heard the phone ring.

If Arddun hadn’t been sleeping, I wouldn’t have pulled over to the side of the road to turn the phone off.

If I hadn’t wanted to turn my phone off, I wouldn’t have noticed the caller.

And I wouldn’t have spoken to the director of the childcare centre of our first choice, and learnt that because another family had gotten an overseas posting, there is a vacancy in the toddler’s room. Would I be happy with three days a week next year?


I’m not one to view God as a bit of a genie in a bottle, or claim that every¬†path we take¬†in life is a direct result of godly scheming. (I believe more that God has control over everything, but He also created natural law, and He gave us all freedom of choice. He is not arbitrary and whimsical. More on that another time, perhaps.)

But having looked at how elegantly this had fallen in place… I can’t help but marvel.

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