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TTT – Water, Family, and the art of asking for permission

(Again, a very late one… but at least not forgotten!)

It’s taken me a little longer to think of my list this week – possibly because I’ve been privately logging my gratitudes daily for almost a month now and feel a little repetitious, and partly because I feel like I need to pick Three Huge Events from the week just passed.

It’s been a lovely week. My quest to cut down on consumerism has yielded a mixed bag of results – I now steer clear of most shops, that’s true. But I’ve also ended up visiting more friends or inviting them over, and therefore buying a lot more food. I’ve decided it’s a net gain, overall. Spending the time to connect with others over nom-noms trumps wandering into malls out of habit… and I’ve learnt to eat more simply during my lunches.

Anyhoo… here’s three things I’ve decided to be thankful for.

1. Clear drinking water

We had Mark’s parents over for morning tea on Thursday last week, which wandered into lunch, and then again into afternoon tea. Spent a lovely day with them at Gold Creek. They’ve just very recently “migrated” from Perth, and so the comparisons between short visitations and actually settling in Canberra naturally came up.

The topic of water came up, and I know it sounds like one of those I’ve-run-out-of-things-to-be-thankful-for moments when I say that I’m grateful for Canberra’s water quality. But it’s true. I’ve drunk water from the tap in many cities and in many countries when it’s deemed safe to drink water from, and Canberra’s water is probably one of the nicest-tasting and cleanest. It was one of those epiphanies I didn’t get until I was reminded of Adelaide’s water – which tastes vile. I mean, it’s considered safe for drinking but it just tastes artificial and wrong. And their water alone is the reason I would never want to move to Adelaide. Seriously.

Canberra drinking water in a glass
Cool, clear Canberra refreshment

2. Family coming down

Plans are finally falling into place for this year-end! Tony’s parents will be staying with us in the last 2 weeks of November (hedging their bets that Boy Blob, like Arddun, will make an early entrance), and my family and their significant others will be making their way down over the course of the first two weeks in December! Nothing like a full house to welcome a new baby. It will be a bit nuts, I suspect – but good nuts.

3. Arddun’s habit of checking first

Something else I’ve grown very thankful for lately is how Arddun thinks to ask Tony or me for permission before she helps herself to food – whether it’s a biscuit for afternoon tea, or an extra slice of cheese with her meal. It’s something we’ve reminded her gently to do over time, and we haven’t always been successful. There was that one recent time she got caught polishing off a bag of lollies she received from a school friend’s birthday party… she had to learn a lesson from that. But lately, she seems to understand that she needs to ask for permission before helping herself to food. And it’s a relief, frankly, especially since she is still reacting to popular “child-friendly” foods like sultanas and other fruits and vegetables.

Probably jinxed it now, and maybe she’ll sneak off something at the next Mother’s Group luncheon… But for now, it’s something I’ve observed that she’s grown good at. And it’s such a win for all of us.

Queensland Cuddles

We’re back! Survived the flight to and fro – although the flight back with two adults turned out to be a lot harder than the flight to Brisbane with just me, owing to the rapid deterioration of good temper from Missy Moo. She yelled and bucked so hard in her car seat the whole 30 minutes to the airport, I had to mop sweat off her soaked head when we got out.

I guess she really didn’t want to leave. And guess whose temper she’s got?!

I have a couple of half-done post drafts sitting in my phone and will try to get to them soonish. Meanwhile, here’s a quick snapshot of some of the family cuddles the birthday girl received this past week.

Top row: Nanna | Middle row: Aunt Kerri, Aunt Ally | Bottom row: Grandpoppy

The first 1st Birthday Party!

We’ve been wanting Arddun to meet her extended Queensland relatives, and so it seemed a rather fitting thing to have her first birthday celebrated up north. And so we had a lovely afternoon tea after church on Sunday – a fairly chilled out affair, with a huge spread of desserts (my mother-in-law’s effort), some paltry attempt at decor (mine), and about 25 friends and family.

The decor
The decor I was telling you about. (Was supposed to be ladybug theme. I don’t think anyone got it.)
The family starts to gather
Chilling out and catching up
Playing Monopoly
Playing Monopoly (and expounding the virtues of the Star Wars version).
Birthday girl LOVES the outdoors, and spent most of the party in her grandpoppy’s beautiful garden.
Outdoors with Aunty Sal
Had a great time exploring the backyard with Aunty Sally-Ann.
Hibberds with Lim Sze Herngs and Gloriae
Catching up with old friends
Birthday cake and birthday girl
It’s time to blow out the candle!
Figuring out Great-Grandma's gift
Figuring out Great-Grandma’s very cool gift while Mommy grabs the next one.
Spending time with grand-uncle Martin
Hanging out with grand-uncle Martin
Reading the birthday card
Reading the birthday card very carefully…
A happy moment with Mommy
A happy moment with Mommy.

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