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Family portrait

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Singapore!

I had Singapore’s National Day on my mind yesterday, truly I did. I missed watching the parade on TV with family, missed the family steamboat dinner, missed the celebration of a crazy-tiny nation that went from Third World to First World in less than a quarter century. We are an efficient and determined lot.

So today, I’m making Bak Kut Teh and took a swag of photos of Arddun in Singapore garb. And also, I’m wearing red and white. Not that you can tell.

Still a Singapore Girl
A bun in the hand, a bun in her hair
Goofy for bread
Goofing around with my friend, Eli!
You’re funny.
Meditative pose
Rolling on the carpet with Daddy, and messing up her hairdo
Modelling the sarong kebaya next to Daddy
Getting the church mail with Daddy
Daddy Daughter
A rare and treasured family portrait

How to Shoot Your Kids

I do not have one of those monster cameras. Partly because Tony and I are very, very lazy when it comes to capturing family moments on camera but mostly because I know I can’t do it justice. It was a choice between Screenwriting for Screen or Photojournalism when it came to my electives and I kinda wish I had chosen the latter.

Hindsight 20/20, etc.

So, most of what you see here are photos taken with an iPhone. Not exactly the Rolls Royce of camera world, but the iPhone has the best inbuilt mobile camera I’ve had – ever. Even then, I wish sometimes I knew how to take fancy schmancy shots. And that I have the camera to do it.

Anyhoo – had a flick through this guy’s blog and now I am inspired. Not enough to throw $1,500 at a Canon. But enough to try weirder shots next time.

How to Shoot Your Kids: 8 Ways to Get Knock-Out Family Photos.

via How to Shoot Your Kids.

The Gene Pool

Travelling with baby did shrink our socialising considerably – at least with this trip. And as you can imagine, I really didn’t feel like whipping out the camera and going all happy-snappy either. But I’m glad we got to sneak in a few photos with the family.

Andrea and Arddun
Aunty Andy
Shawn and Arddun
Uncle Shawn
Pop, Nan and Arddun
Pop and Nan
Nan, Great-Grandma Joan and Arddun
Nan and Great-Grandma Joan
Grandma Singapore and Arddun
Grandma Singapore
Family Ang and Lee
Clockwise from left: Mum, Dad, Aunty Andy, Uncle Shawn, Grand-uncle Edward, Grandma Singapore (mama), Tua Yee-Poh Rosalind

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