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Holiday snaps

Less gray, more colour

So yes, I’ve been meaning to post pictures of what we’ve been up to, aside from me feeling all moochy about my mother’s departure. I haven’t been the best photographer lately, but I am surrounded by people who love taking photos and videos of Arddun and who quite happily send them to me straight after, so I plan to put them up so that you can literally have a snapshot of our days here.

Waiting to get on Scoot plane
Waiting to get on the plane. Which was late. As usual.
Arddun at the wake
Clockwise from top left: 1. Drawing is a great way to while the time at a wake. 2. Playing with THE noisiest toy EVER, next to Grandma Singapore. 3. Waiting for other friends to arrive. 4. In earnest with Poppy, who came to visit with Nanna.
Mum's fridge magnets
Fridge magnet wisdom from my mother’s kitchen


The Gene Pool

Travelling with baby did shrink our socialising considerably – at least with this trip. And as you can imagine, I really didn’t feel like whipping out the camera and going all happy-snappy either.┬áBut I’m glad we got to sneak in a few photos with the family.

Andrea and Arddun
Aunty Andy
Shawn and Arddun
Uncle Shawn
Pop, Nan and Arddun
Pop and Nan
Nan, Great-Grandma Joan and Arddun
Nan and Great-Grandma Joan
Grandma Singapore and Arddun
Grandma Singapore
Family Ang and Lee
Clockwise from left: Mum, Dad, Aunty Andy, Uncle Shawn, Grand-uncle Edward, Grandma Singapore (mama), Tua Yee-Poh Rosalind

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