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Kid’s Christmas Party (or Why It Pays to Work in Private Sector Sometimes)

I have long affectionately termed my company the Big Fat. It all stemmed from an old blog post from my second and now retired blog. Prior to accepting a position with my current company, I’d only worked for small-to-medium enterprises. Getting into an organisation with upward of 1,500 staff (at the time) was something of a milestone for me.

With Big Fat Organisation comes Big Fat Budgets and Big Fat Responsibilities.

And, if today was proof enough, Big Fat Staff Benefits.

Everyone else in the public service is secretly envious we get a free carnival once a year, replete with free food, Santa, and an age-appropriate Christmas pressie. That’s Canberra for you. Where something as simple as a typical staff Family Fun Day in Singapore could become a political landmine of misappropriated taxpayer dollars for any government department in Canberra. In this respect, I am totally thankful that I work for the Big Fat.

Approaching the carnival
Approaching the carnival
Arddun with a speckled duck
Getting up close to what I think might be a duck at the petting zoo.
Clown and Santa
The kids are thrilled with Santa, and are sure to let him know that the Clown deserves NOTHING for Christmas. Thankfully, Father Christmas is merciful to his colleague from the acting company. Arddun remains unimpressed.

The second 1st Birthday Party!

I think I’ve told you all quite a few times how my Mother’s Group gets along great. And because all of our bubs’ birthdays fall within a month and a day from the youngest to the oldest, we thought it’d be fantastic if we were to celebrate their first birthday at the midpoint – Saturday 30 June.

Thanks to Lisa, Xav, and the very magnetic personality of Charlie the Bumble Bee, we were able to engage a petting zoo for the afternoon! That being very much the centrepiece of the party, the birthday theme became Farmyard Animals, which meant I scoured ebay to score me a practical-yet-cute Winter costume for Arddun.


Arddun in a duck costume
Daddy’s little duckling

There were lots of yummy animal-themed food and decor:

Party decorations and food

And many hilarious moments watching the babies interact with the baby lambs, the kittens, the teenage chickens, the dog… and Arddun’s favourite, the ducks.

She was also quite fascinated with the lambs:

And the rest of them:

Stroking the bunny
Practising her “gentle” strokes on the soft bunny wabbit in Auntie Carrie’s arms.
Lamb feeding time
“Oh look! A lamb!”
Arddun pointing at dog
“Oh look! A dog!”
Lamb sniffs Arddun's hand
“Tee hee! That tickles!”
Arddun stares at chicken
“Why do these fellas remind me of dinner?”
Arddun gets closer to the chickens
“My mommy calls you ‘Tandoori’, but I think you’re beautiful.”
Arddun with the chickens
Duck and chickens
Arddun sitting next to a lamb
“I’m having the best day ever!”

Unfortunately, I was trying to cough up a lung the entire afternoon, and so apart from snapping up a storm during the petting zoo bit, I didn’t take many photos at all. Was trying to keep a safe distance from most of the littlies and their mommies. Quite a bummer, because I had intended to take at least one shot of Arddun with each of her friends – and have some photos of me with the other mothers, too. After all, it isn’t just the babies’ birthdays – it’s a wonderful celebration of our first year as parents.

But the great news is that we had an event photographer on the day, thanks to Carrie’s sister! So yes… watch this space. xx

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