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A picture and a thousand words (thereabout)

I’m missing Arddun a lot this evening, and so I thought I’d watch this video for the umpteenth time.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes through a toddler’s head sometimes, then here’s a sample. This is Arddun and her Stream of Consciousness.

Turn up your speakers.

Musical Mash-ups

Mash-up 1

Head… shoulders…
Knees uh toes…
My… faaaaair

       – Arddun, 11 June

Mash-up 2

Is raining
Is pour-wing
The old man
We all fall down.

       – Arddun, 18 June


Yes. Only a mother would think this blogworthy.


Tony and I double dated with Graham and Penny yesterday afternoon and went off to watch Les Miserable on the big screen. All this was made possible because of this fabulous family affectionately known in certain parts as The Turkeys. Again, thank you for babysitting so we can have some semblance of a date. :)

Anyhoo, while we were sitting through that amazing musical feast of pathos and high drama, this is what the Little Girl got up to:

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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