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The Wiggles

Wiggle and Learn

I didn’t grow up with The Wiggles. Never even knew what they were until I got to Australia, and Tony filled me in on the back story. (i.e. “They used to be an Australian band and they had one hit. Then they switched to kiddie rock and roll and became huge.”)

I’ve always had huge reservations about TV “fanchise” merchandising. Not a big fan of children kitted out in Dora the Explora like toddling billboards for¬†Nickelodeon. Their colours all tend to be bright and garish anyways. It’s a little snobby of me, I know. But I think of it as a healthy combination of cost-savings and good taste.

Then Arddun discovered The Wiggles, and I’m now¬†this close to running out and dressing her up like a tea-drinking, handbag-toting yellow polka-dotted dinosaur.

The Wiggles are now a daily feature in our household. They have replaced my pilates workout on TV because I work up more of a sweat jumping along to Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport. It has also provided some mighty cute home videos that only doting parents with a blog account would love.

Arddun calls them the Tiddles. And she’s got some moves.

P.S.: These were taken on the last day of CNY – chap goh mei. That explains the gorgeous ching-chong outfit from her granduncle.

Wild Women Do (Wiggle)

Went to The Wiggles concert this afternoon, partly because it’s the original group’s last tour before 75% of them retire, partly because Arddun really enjoys their music… and mostly because Dorothy the Dinosaur has a magical hold on her attention that I cannot understand.

The Wiggles concert ticket
Arddun’s first rock concert
Camera depicting height difference between our row and the next row down
Trying to demonstrate how steep the drop was between each row of seats at the AIS Arena. Not exactly a child-friendly venue. Especially a dancing, wriggly, fearless child. Also explains why I hardly took the time to record her groovin’.
Arddun watching The Wiggles at the AIS Arena while sitting on my lap.
Arddun, quietly (!) sitting on my lap and watching the concert most quizzically. She got pretty freaked out by the noise and the crowd when the concert first started, but eventually warmed up enough to dance and clap along.
Wiggles concert
You can just barely make out what’s going on (I think Santa and his crew are dancing on stage), but we actually had a fantastic view. Just no dance floor.

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