I used to be scared of the Dr Seuss books. Too quirky, too creepy, too drug-induced-frenzy for my 5yo tastes. But Tony grew up on the stuff and he personally bought The Lorax for Arddun before she was born. Because it was one of his faves.

So since then, I’ve been reading The Lorax to her. And whodathunk that it has such a green message in it. Very modern cautionary tale about capitalism at the environment’s expense, really. Probably a bit too grown-up for her, methinks. As it is, she hasn’t quite grasped how her carbon footprint in disposable nappies ain’t doin’ the Truffulas any favours.

Anyhoo – just found out it’s coming to the big screens. Or perhaps it’s already showing. Sorry. Am a little slow on the uptake, seeing how movies here cost $17 each.